Streamline Field Trials with Next-Generation Digital Solutions 

Managing field trials requires a complexity of tasks. It is more than simply performing an experiment and collecting data. Agronomic researchers are tasked with managing trials, field technicians, and collaborating with other research organizations and managers. Beyond that, they must monitor data collection to meet protocol standards, navigate large data sets, and be able to communicate trial outcomes.

Managing field trials means juggling a lot of moving pieces, sometimes all at once. Currently, many ag input companies and CROs are using multiple platforms to manage different responsibilities.

Agmatix is an end-to-end, cloud-based SaaS solution that helps bring these variables together and streamline the trial process. This solution will help research teams communicate more effectively, manage tasks, easily share information, and analyze trial data, all under one united platform.

Manage Multiple People on a Single Platform

Imagine a tool that will enhance the collaboration of your agronomic research team.

Timing is everything when collaborating with others in agronomic research. Whether it’s working with a team of field technicians to ensure the timely planting or application of a product, or being responsive to other research collaborators, managing communication is an integral part of agricultural research.

When managing multiple field trials, it’s common for many time-sensitive tasks to need management in a short window of time. If these tasks aren’t completed on time, it could jeopardize the integrity of the data or lead to complete trial failure. If this happens, it could further delay the launch of a product that could offer a solution to growers around the world.

Enhancing Precision: Real-Time Task Monitoring

With the end-to-end, cloud-based Agronomic Trial Management tool, research teams can track tasks in real time. This is an agronomic research collaboration tool that unifies research teams and reduces trial error due to faulty timing. It also assists in standardizing the research process to enhance data quality.

Cross-Organizational Collaboration

Beyond collaborating with internal research teams, researchers must also collaborate with experts from various organizations such as universities, extension offices, and government agencies. Sometimes this communication must cross both time zones and language barriers. With the need to meet constant deadlines, the need to find an efficient and effective way to communicate is ever-growing.

Timely Responses in a Digital Age

In the technological world that we are in, there is a growing expectation for timely responses. These expectations aren’t unwarranted. We live in an exciting time where experts from various organizational backgrounds, from around the world can collaborate with one another and make a difference every single day. This wouldn’t be possible without the technology we have to support quick and timely communication.  

Field Dynamics and Quick Solutions

The environment in the field can change quickly. Whether it is trying to diagnose an issue or report on research findings, quick communication allows experts to understand agronomic issues and bring solutions to market faster. This is why an agronomic research collaboration tool will aid in revolutionizing the future of agriculture by uniting research teams and enhancing information sharing.

Agronomic Trial Management Makes People and Task Management Easy

Share protected information efficiently with cloud-based technology. This technology offers an authorization protocol that allows users to give access to information to authorized users. This protects information from being accessed by unauthorized individuals. When managing multiple teams with individuals of varying degrees of informatio nal access, this tool allows for easy collaboration with high-quality protection.

With the Agmatix field trial technology, ag input companies and CROs can streamline operations while standardizing methods to enhance quality of the data, all on one integrated dashboard. They can rest assured that their information is protected, while easily accessed by those who need it.

Easing the Stress of Managing and Locating Multiple Datasets

A single trial often contains multiple datasets. In seed trials, many different data points may be recorded, such as how varying environmental factors play a role in crop development.  For crop protection and nutritional products, research teams may need to look at product efficacy at different timings, rates, and with different tank-mix partners to ensure crop safety and product quality. Most trials are also performed across multiple locations and seasons.

The Value of Historical Data in Research

Historical trial data can be just as important as emerging research. This data may be important to meet regulatory requirements and can act as a foundation for new research. It is also important when performing a cross-trial analysis.

Legacy Files: Challenges and Modern Solutions

Some data, such as legacy files, may be housed with outdated storage methods. These may include past trials that were performed, with data saved on early versions of Microsoft software or on outdated storage technologies such as floppy discs, zip discs, or older hard drives. With these older forms of data storage, there is an incompatibility risk when transferring that data to more contemporary formats. This incompatibility could lead to data loss or inaccessibility of information.

Standardization and Organization Issues

Beyond the potential loss of data, these legacy files may lack standardization when it comes to file organization and storage. Saving a file under a different folder or using a different name may make it difficult to find it years later. 

Embracing Next-Gen Digital Solutions

Though traditional storage methods for legacy files may still serve a purpose, converting and storing those files onto a next-gen digital platform can assist in preserving information and historical data.

This not only aids in access to historical data but can also help researchers access data that has been collected and saved in different units or languages. Using modern technology, organizations can efficiently reduce information loss due to language barriers and perform cross-trial analyses with ease.

This leads to faster access to information when it is needed. This capability may streamline the process for cross-analysis or expedite the process of providing information to regulatory groups.  

Agmatix Cloud-Based Solution & Easy Data Management

Safely store data in real-time with the agronomic trial management tool by Agmatix. Collect data in the field using digital software that works both on and offline. This data will be stored and easily accessed by all authorized users. These files are safely backed up using cloud-based SaaS technology. This technology helps prevent data loss issues due to mislabeled documents, language barriers, and outdated storage formats.  

With this agronomic analysis software, researchers can view all their agronomic data in a unified place. This tool assists with agronomic database analysis with pre-built statistical tools and widgets that users can utilize to build custom reports quickly.

One Dashboard to Manage Multiple Priorities

Many responsibilities come with managing trials. Some of these responsibilities include data security, managing trial data integrity, and meeting deadlines. These responsibilities can have an impact on both speed to market as well as customer service.  

 Managing data security can be a stressful, yet important responsibility when working with sensitive information. Having a safe way to secure and share data is a growing need. Cloud-based SaaS technology stands out as an optimal solution to secure this information on a united platform that is accessible on multiple devices to authorized users.

Seamless Data Collection and Accessibility

Beyond securing data, researchers are also tasked with managing trial data integrity. This requires the adoption of standardized processes and utilizing modern technology that allows data to be collected and stored in a single platform. The ability to access data in real time can significantly expedite the process of data analysis and report generation. Photos, videos, and notes can easily be attached to trial documentation with the click of a button while standing in the field.This technology helps streamline various aspects of the research process, making researchers better equipped to meet deadlines and stakeholder expectations.

Data Collection via Mobile with Offline Capabilities

Agmatix’s Agronomic Trial Management tool simplifies the process of data collection. It allows you to collect data in the field from your mobile devices, even in remote locations, thanks to its offline capabilities. Furthermore, it streamlines data collection and data entry into a single step, reducing the risk of human error and information loss.

Agmatix Makes Managing Priorities Easy

Agronomic research comes with its fair share of challenges, but Agmatix is here to streamline agronomic research collaboration and simplify the process. Our Agronomic Trial Management tool doesn’t just manage your priorities — it supercharges them, boosting operational efficiency by up to 20%. The result? Products hitting the market faster, bringing solutions to growers and researchers in record time.

One of the primary challenges in the field is agronomic compliance reporting. This vital step ensures adherence to regulatory standards. While historically time-consuming, our tool helps to condense what was once a days-long process into a few hours, making database analysis more efficient.

But it’s not just about speed. It’s about offering a holistic solution to agronomic researchers. With Agmatix, you can seamlessly integrate processes, foster better communication, bolster data security, and create a standardized approach to your work. It’s a comprehensive suite designed to elevate every aspect of agronomic research, from collaboration to cross-trial analysis.

In an ever-competitive and rapidly evolving landscape, tools like the Agmatix Trial Management platform aren’t just nice-to-haves — they’re essential. Stay ahead, meet your milestones, and exceed stakeholder expectations, all while safeguarding your data. Experience new-generation agronomic research with Agmatix.