Agronomic Trial Management

Increase productivity and efficiency, speed your time to market, and increase the quality of your field trial data with our powerful agricultural field trial management system. Utilize our innovative solution for end-to-end capabilities to plan, operate, analyze and manage all your agricultural field trials in a standardized and intuitive manner from one central solution.

Real-time visibility and control

Get full visibility and control of your trial’s status with the easy-to-navigate dashboard that allows you to manage budgets and resources, be updated on all of your trial operation statuses, and view all other key elements that impact trial performance.

Our user-friendly interface allows for better communication between researchers, trial operators, field technicians and CROs. Researchers can track task assignments across individuals in their group and receive status updates of ongoing field trials in real-time.

Make your group’s agronomic field data easily accessible and shareable to the people that need it. Allow your data to be accessed by staff members and even partners outside your organization like CROs, according to the permissions you set, so the information echoes the business model that works for you.

End-to-end agronomic trial management

Field trial management has never been easier, from planning the layout design to execution and analysis. Map your trial layout from a field-level view with the drag and drop feature in our agronomic field research management system.

Manage field research with hundreds of customizable treatment combinations and flexible data collection via your mobile device that seamlessly integrates into your workflow, whether you are at your desk or in the field.

Give your R&D and marketing teams a visual interface of your trial operation and results to make quick, informed decisions about product performance and marketability.

Standardize protocols and data collection for comparison, evaluation, and data loss prevention

Our customizable data entry form can be set according to your needs and allows you to replicate the form for any number of repetitions needed. Use it to easily collect a multitude of observations and sample data directly from your mobile device.

View your data results instantly, reducing human error and data loss risk. Monitor outliers, validate the course of your trial and analyze your collected data according to treatment or by collection date to understand trends from your agriculture field trials over time.

Easily export trial data to .csv, .xls, and chart images and leverage operational insights with stakeholders. This is what makes this tool the perfect field trial management solution!

Enjoy the benefits of our agriculture data management solutions with extended mobile capabilities to easily collect data and conduct field experiments

Our mobile app is designed specifically for the field, taking into consideration the environmental conditions in which you work, such as the sun or rain. Large input fields reduce errors, ensuring that you are collecting the right information in the right location.

Our mobile data collector for agronomic trials allows you to quickly and easily enter your field observations and sample data while out in the field. The app supports both online and offline data collection to suit all conditions.

Easily create field experiments in just a few clicks and have the flexibility to plan your agricultural field trial design, create forms, and view data at the tip of your fingers.