Axiom is a technology platform for agriculture data ingestion, standardization, and harmonization of agronomic data from multiple sources including APIs, sensors, remote sensing, and data repositories. Axiom technology leverages its own in-house ontologies to turn big data into powerful and actionable insights. Utilizing this cutting-edge technology, agmatix develops advanced data-driven solutions for Ag professionals.

With this disruptive technology agronomic data is leveraged by in-house ontologies with multiple sources to standardize, harmonize, and facilitate agronomic research and field trials.

Our Axiom technology turns big data into powerful and actionable insights providing advanced digital solutions for Ag professionals.

GUARDS Protocol

GUARDS (Global Universal Agronomic Data Standard) protocol aims to translate the unique way each researcher preserves raw agronomic data into one common standardized language that can be understood by any researcher in the world. GUARDS is based on the FAIR data principles by focusing on the interoperability and reusability of the data.

GUARDS drives three major engines:

Ontology engine

Built by leading experts with deep know-how in building ontologies, we create standardized definitions with a unique bottom-up approach, derived from the data itself. This process allows the understanding and definition of relations between data points, and the harmonization of it all.

Anomaly detection & integrity engine

Our technology has a proactive monitoring approach for data integrity and quality by leveraging ML capabilities. The system identifies abnormal items and data in comparison to other relevant data sets, and alerts when needed.

Units converter engine

We convert different measurement units into one and standardize the data values accordingly. This action enables customization of databases and values.

Data Ingestion and Pipeline Automation

To enable Axiom, automatic data ingestion leverages advanced data engineering and science. Automation allows Axiom to digest data at scale from multiple sources in low cycle time and in the highest integrity. This revolutionary technology enables predictive modeling in agriculture and agronomic ontology repository. With our agronomic analysis tool the standardized and analyzed data can be used to generate ML-based predictive models for data-driven Ag solutions, analytics, APIs, and data service solutions.