Our Vision

Creating a world where high quality and standardized agronomic data is freely available, supporting Ag professionals globally to overcome obstacles in improving sustainable food production and quality.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to harmonize and standardize all agronomic data and turn it into actionable insights, making it universally accessible.

Our Values

  • CUTTING EDGE: Constant state of mind to improve, grow and learn.
  • DARING: We strive to change the world with the best solutions, reshaping the future of agriculture.
  • DATA-DRIVEN: We live and breathe data-driven decisions in everything we do.
  • DETERMINED: We strive to change the world with the best solutions.
  • ROOTED: The fabric of our DNA is connected to the principles that matter to our clients, our people, and the planet.
  • TRUSTWORTHY: We are a source of confidence to our clients, partners, and colleagues.

About Us

Agmatix is an agro informatics company that develops data-driven solutions for Ag professionals worldwide. Our cutting-edge platform uses agronomy data science and advanced AI technology to convert agronomic data into actionable insights at field level. With our revolutionary approach we aim to solve the lack of data standardization to dramatically increase crop yield, quality, and promote sustainable agriculture.