Open Data

Revolutionize the way you harmonize, collaborate with, and use agricultural data today with the help of agronomic data science and our disruptive open data platform.

We believe that the future of agriculture is a collaborative, open data platform that enables researchers and agriculture professionals to share and access standardized agronomic data from around the globe.

For example, together with the Consortium for Precision Crop Nutrition (CPCN) and their member partners, we have collaborated to form crop nutrient concentration databases to provide the most up-to-date, comprehensive crop nutrient concentration databases for researchers and agriculture professionals.

Collaboration on an open database like this ensures that the world’s best minds are working on the same page to provide farmers with the most accurate and up-to-date information about their crops. This agricultural data enrichment leads to better yields and profits, improved soil health, and a positive impact on the environment.

We invite you to join us in this effort — and we can't wait to see what you discover!

Build and easily access high-quality agronomic data science databases powered by the Insights solution from Agmatix:

All research data is aggregated and standardized into the database via our ontology hierarchy system (GUARDS), which describes the origin of the data.

Each database is IP-protected for data sharing and equipped with compliance and strict data privacy universal protocols.

Data can then be analyzed across different trials via our Insights solution: a statistical and descriptive analysis tool.

Multi-source data integrations for agriculture data enrichment.

Open databases foster collaboration and agriculture data harmonization among researchers

Gain new insights from your data by performing meta-analysis of your field trials across different crops, products, and locations.

Harness the vast amount of agronomic big data created in field trials research via a unified and standardized database.

Agronomic big data standardization.

Easy-to-use data sharing and comparison interface.

Facilitates Agricultural data harmonization.