Insights & Models

Discover the hidden value in your data and create a new, deeper understanding of your trial results with our agronomic analysis tool. Our innovative solution uses cutting-edge technology to analyze aggregated and standardized data from field trials and convert it into powerful agronomic insights and dynamic crop models to unlock true value from your data.

Access and view all your agronomic data in one unified place​

Make use of legacy trial data through our Axiom technology for data ingestion and fusion to harmonize all data sets so you can leverage those agronomic data insights through cross-trial analysis.

Let us help you uncover hidden agronomic insights from your agronomic data with actionable reports and recommendations.

Benefit from our user-friendly interface that offers pre-built analytical widgets. Statistical analyses of your agronomic data with a no-code approach bring data science capabilities to all users!

Analyze your trial data in a single workspace

Get the most out of your agronomic trial research with our pre-built statistical tools. These can significantly improve data quality and increase statistical power of your field experiments.

Easily generate powerful insights and models from your data with just a few clicks. Choose from 14 pre-built widgets, then use our multi-step approach to create custom reports and make adjustments on the fly.

Utilize our simple, yet powerful agronomic modeling solution that allows you to summarize data, visualize it, and compare parameters.

Collaborate with researchers and extract what you need

With Insights, data from all of your field trials conducted anywhere in the world are housed under one unified platform. Research has never been more collaborative than now with our solution which gives your team access to all of your organization’s trial data, harmonized to allow easy cross-trial analysis in a few clicks.

Integrate and standardize your legacy trial data via our GUARDS ontologies that connect your data so it can easily be searched, accessed, queried and consumed for better knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Rethink your approach to R&D and make better product development decisions. Use our agronomic analysis tool to leverage cross-trial analysis for your ongoing experiments and make better decisions!

Calibrate and verify statistical ML models

Advance your data: with the help of AI technologies, our agronomic modeling tool allows you to create data-driven agriculture predictive crop models and achieve better performance. Use this tool to gain deeper agronomic data insights into advanced farming practices that influence crop production and identify the best way to maximize yields.

Make decisions with the right information backed by data science. Discover what’s happening in the field with powerful analytics from our agronomic analysis tool and agronomic models to improve crop yield, maximize water and fertilizer use efficiency, deliver targeted treatments to the field, and more!