Insights & Models

Uncover a significant new layer of knowledge that was inaccessible beforehand with our disruptive agronomic analysis tool. This innovative solution analyzes aggregated and standardized data from experimentation and converts it into powerful insights & models.

Agronomic Trial Management

Access and view all your agronomic data in one unified place​

  • Data ingestion and standardization of legacy data
  • Automatic data connection to ongoing research data via Agronomic Trial Management
  • Pre-analysis data preparation
  • User friendly interface (multi-device support)

Analyze your trial data in a single workspace

  • Agronomic-centric design
  • An agronomic model for interactive visualizations and statistical analysis
  • A multi-step analysis approach
  • Customized on demand reports

Collaborate with researchers and extract what you need

  • Agronomic data standardized from multiple, worldwide experiments
  • Cross-trial analysis
  • Data enrichment from external sources
  • Integrated ontology guide
  • Collaboration wizard tool between team members\ other researchers

Calibrate and verify statistical and ML models

  • Create data-driven predictive models leveraging AI technologies
  • Report and extract agronomic analytical insights
  • Data science and agronomy support
  • Apply agro informatics best practices