Agmatix’s Trial Management Solution:

Boosting Operational Efficiency by 20% for Faster Product Development and Registration Processes

The trial management process within a global plant protection company can pose numerous challenges. With users spread across different departments, including field agronomy and executives, our client sought a transformative solution to streamline their trial operations, enhance overall efficiency, and accelerate product development and registration processes.



Annual Trial Planning

They struggled with organizing and planning their trials on an annual basis. Coordinating resources, timelines, and data collection processes proved challenging without a centralized system.

Data preservation

They relied on multiple sources, including pen and paper, to record trial data. This approach posed problems with data aggregation and the retention of institutional knowledge, particularly when employees with valuable expertise retired.

Knowledge Sharing and Flow

The flow of information between field-level agronomists and executives was inefficient. The lack of a structured platform hindered effective communication and collaboration, leading to several inefficiencies and delays in decision-making.

Workload and Personnel KPI Tracking

It was difficult for team members to track their individual workloads and key performance indicators (KPIs). Without a centralized solution, monitoring progress and performance was cumbersome and time-consuming.


Accelerated product development times:

Agmatix’s trial Management solution streamlined their product development process, making it more efficient. The company reduced its time-to-market, improved resource allocation, and enhanced overall project management. This efficiency can result in cost savings and increased productivity.

Streamlined Trial Reporting

Trial reports that previously took several days to produce now require only a few hours. The platform’s intuitive interface and automation capabilities enable quick and efficient report generation, which shortens their registration preparation processes, freeing up valuable time for other tasks.

Enhanced Data Visualization

Agmatix’s Trial Management solution provides powerful data visualization features, allowing the team to view trial results and detect anomalies in data collection in real-time. Data visualization offered immediate insights, facilitating prompt decision-making.

Paperless Operations

The transition to a digital trial management platform eliminated the need for separate spreadsheets and hand-written notes. All trial-related work is now documented exclusively within the platform, ensuring data integrity and centralization.

Efficient Task Sharing

The platform enables seamless task assignment and tracking between team members. Collaboration is simplified, and progress can be monitored in real-time, ensuring efficient and effective workflow management.

Executive Dashboard

Agmatix’s Trial Management solution offers an executive dashboard, providing a clear overview of workload distribution and allowing executives to monitor personal and departmental KPIs. The dashboard enhances transparency and accountability within the team.


Through a recent business review, it became evident that the adoption of Agmatix’s Trial Management solution had led to significant improvements in their trial management processes. Agmatix was able to share usage trends from the platform which indicated further opportunities for improvement. For example, the utilization of organizational tools like protocols and forms would promote a more systematic workflow and increase individual and departmental efficiency.

By leveraging the features and capabilities within Agmatix’s Trial Management solution, the company achieved a remarkable 20% increase in operational efficiencies, effectively overcoming challenges and revolutionizing their trial management approach. The adoption of a digital platform empowered them to streamline operations, foster collaboration, enhance data analysis, and most notably, expedite product development and registration preparation processes.

With continued utilization and exploration of the platform’s full potential, the company is well-positioned to achieve even greater efficiencies in its trial management activities. This will support its mission to develop innovative plant protection solutions for a more sustainable future in agriculture.