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Agronomic Field Trial Compliance and Reporting with Advanced Tools 

Compliance and reporting are key steps in the journey to bring a new product to market. The growth of biological and chemical products can be influenced as much by the speed of regulation as by the speed of innovation. In many countries, regulatory hurdles are increasing the complexity of field trial studies and requiring additional expertise to meet requirements for entry into market. 

Essential to meeting those requirements are the reporting processes that ag input companies and CROs utilize. As the regulatory burden grows, so does the opportunity to build efficiency and ease into the process of capturing necessary field trial data and reporting it in the required format and timeframe. 

Utilizing advanced data capture and analysis tools is one step to making reporting for regulatory needs easy. But by utilizing a holistic agronomic field trial technology, ag input companies and CROs can streamline operations, enhance the efficacy of field trials, and compliance and reporting all with one tool. 

Agmatix’s Agronomic Trial Management solution is a comprehensive technology designed to support ag input companies and CROs as they plan, execute, and monitor regulatory field trials. It also provides advanced data capture and analytic capabilities to support the efficacy of field trials. Best of all, the solution is built to be fully compliant and support all aspects of the trial lifecycle.  

Easily Capture Required Trial Information 

The Agronomic Trial Management solution is designed to make regulatory field trial data capture as easy as possible. All required information can be captured in a centralized place. These values may include data that is typically captured manually, such as weather data. A mobile application makes it easy for everyone involved in the lifecycle of the trial to complete data collection taks and input trial data, even if they are offline. Treatment application and crop protocol data that are required for registration are also captured and ready for exporting to meet regulatory requirements. A dedicated information section includes EPPO values and standards. This same section enables documentation of the necessary instructions. 

The Agronomic Trial Management solution also includes csutomizable design models and treatment tables that were developed with crop protection trials – and the associated regulatory needs – in mind. The system seamlessly integrates intuitive trial design and data capture for products and active ingredients.

The solution is also designed for agronomic researchers to capture, store, and transmit data related to the necessary standards. Because Agronomic Trial Management is a cloud-based SaaS solution, data is protected and authorization protocols allow only authorized users to access it. Solution admins can manage these authorizations to align with the reporting structures and internal and external collaborators that are engaged inregulatory field trials. The solution can seamlessly integrate with internal systems, ensuring an effortless IT configuration.

Data Integrity Increases Confidence 

When embarking on the data reporting phase of a regulatory field trial, agricultural input companies seek assurance in the outcomes of their studies and the accuracy of the data they present. Utilizing the Agronomic Trial Management solution enables the realization of this goal. 

The Agmatix single-point data capture and storage solution means that spreadsheets and handwritten field notes are entirely eliminated. The user-friendly mobile notebook functionality enables the inclusion of pictures and videos as attachments, facilitating thorough and comprehensive note-taking. Without handwritten notes, physical notebooks, and multiple spreadsheets, users will eliminate risk and room for error. 

Real-time data collection enables immediate validation of data. Once a data collection task has been completed, outliers can be identified quickly and issues can be remedied before they negatively impact the entirety of the trial. 

Data integrity also comes from the chain of custody and protection of the data. This tool is cloud-native and the site is secure while also being agile with simple configuration. Data security, backup, and recovery are vastly improved over legacy systems. 

Agronomic Trial Management also allows for increased governance overall regulatory trial operations. With this level of protocol management, trial operators and everyone involved in R&D can be confident that the trial is executed as planned and the risk of human error is minimized. 

As a single, centralized trial documentation and management solution, Agronomic Trial Management ensures data integrity. 

Reporting for Regulations 

Meeting regulatory reporting guidelines and requirements can be a lengthy process. However, by leveraging the Agronomic Trial Management solution, the creation of trial result summaries and reports evolves from a cumbersome, multi-day process to one that is accomplished within a matter of hours.

Customizable capabilities for reporting enable researchers to find the best way to report comprehensive data for regulators. They can determine the right details for regulators and provide those without complex algorithms and data wrangling. 

Ag input companies and CROs will find that there are a number of capabilities within the app that make the shift from field trial data capture to data reporting an easy one. Data collection forms ensure that the captured data is consistent. The harmonized data can then be easily exported for regulatory reporting and compliance purposes. The Agronomic Trial Management solution can make preparations for regulatory reporting both easier and more efficient. 

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Beyond Compliance and Reporting 

Compliance and reporting are key steps in the field trial process. But, they aren’t the only factors an ag input company or CRO considers when adopting an agronomic field trial technology. Because Agronomic Trial Management was build to be fully compliant, users can spend less time worrying about compliance and reporting and more time focused on the features that enable operational efficiency and maximum data insight. 

Operational efficiency features abound in the most up-to-date version of the Agronomic Trial Management solution. Crop protection calculations such as plans for application and product rate per treatment are built into the solution to make execution easy. Trial reports for internal purposes, such as product efficacy data for marketing or further research and development, can be created easily. Results can be visualized and conclusions can be summarized quickly. 

An AI recommendation engine creates recommendations on everything from trial layout to results analysis. This functionality reduces cycle time and accelerates innovation as insights fuel discoveries and reduce risk for trial programs.

Collaboration between internal and external stakeholders is a critical part of executing a field trial study. The Agronomic Trial Management platform builds efficiency into the way users collaborate. Data is available to all stakeholders and both data and protocols can be shared among collaborators – even those that are external – within the platform. Gone are the days of sending files back and forth and worrying about version control. 

Analysis and insights are also seamless with the Agronomic Trial Management platform. Users can analyze the results from a single trial to get specific with the data. They can also complete cross-trial analysis to discover new insights from the inclusion of other trial data. Analysis can be customized and visualized to the specific needs of the company to gain the insights needed for decision-making. This revolutionary product enhances data analysis capabilities to unlock true value from data. 

Across the lifecycle of a field trial, the regulatory landscape is a consideration. For governments, scientists, companies engaged in research and development, and even for individuals in the agriculture community or general population, ensuring regulatory compliance builds confidence and enables innovations to make a real difference in everyday life. Compliance and reporting are a necessary step that’s made easier through cloud-based, next-generation technologies. 

Agmatix’s Agronomic Trial Management solution significantly enhances efficiency when it comes to regulatory reporting and compliance, providing crucial support to companies in accelerating their innovations to market. Notably, our solution has demonstrated a remarkable 20% increase in operational efficiency, streamlining key processes such as product development and registration preparation for a leading global crop protection firm. This proven platform is available now. Learn more at