Continued Innovation at - Agmatix

Continued Innovation at Agmatix

We, at Agmatix, are committed to helping our customers make field-level decisions and gain actionable insights from their agronomic data. The agriculture industry is facing a number of challenges, such as the rapidly growing world population, climate change, supply chain disruption, and limited resources. This is why we continue to innovate and bring the latest solutions to address these challenges!

As an agro informatics company, our goal is to support agriculture professionals worldwide in using big data to make informed decisions. We do this through three core solutions: Insights & Models, Agronomic Trial Management, and the Digital Crop Advisor. Learn more about these solutions below.

Agronomic Trial Management

With our Agronomic Trial Management solution, it’s never been easier or more efficient to plan, run, and analyze your field trials. The solution’s interface has been redesigned for greater ease of use and improved navigation. In addition, users can drag and drop their trial layouts on a map, and create repetitive protocols and customizable data collection forms. 

The Agronomic Trial Management platform allows for flexible data collection using mobile devices, tablets, or a desktop, as well as field-level reporting. This feature allows users to create trial plans and perform analysis on the go. 

Get the visibility needed to control your field trials in real-time  

Our solution helps you streamline your workflow and better collaborate with researchers and field workers by providing automatic status updates and task assignments. With full visibility of your research trials, you have the added capabilities for governance over trial protocols and task forms to help you streamline collaboration and analysis. This tool for managing field experiments enables you to “be in the field” from wherever you are.

 Standardize collected data for comparison, evaluation, and data loss prevention

Our user-friendly agronomic collection tool automatically standardizes field data as it’s entered and preserves it using our GUARDS protocol. For data entry, a wide range of agronomic domains and parameters are possible and we support both iOS and Android devices.

Continued Innovation at - Agmatix

Insights & Models

We can help you unlock true value from your agronomic data. Our Insights & Models solution analyzes and standardizes data from your field trials or experiments and converts it into power agronomic actionable insights & models. 

The Insights tool is equipped with additional statistical capabilities most frequently used in field trial analysis (paired t-test, independent t-test, one/two-way ANOVA, and Tukey-Kramer) to bring data science capabilities and agriculture predictive analysis to your fingertips.

Access and Analyze all of your agronomic data in one unified place

Our user-friendly interface provides you with access and viewing capabilities of all your agronomic data in one unified place. We can ingest and harmonize your legacy trial data so you can easily compare that to your ongoing field trial data (using the Agronomic Trial Management) and perform cross-trial analysis.

With our Insights solution, you can visualize and analyze your field trials in a single location and access your data at any time. Our pre-built advanced statistical analysis widgets help you easily create customized on-demand reports to analyze your trial data, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your R&D efforts.

Collaborate with researchers and extract exactly what you need

We understand that no two research data sets are the same. That’s why our tools allow you to standardize data from multiple experiments, no matter where your research collaborations take you. 

Calibrate and verify statistical and machine learning models

With our platform, you can create data-driven predictive models in a single workspace. Our insights and agronomic modeling solution combine data science with agronomic trial data to help you apply agro informatics best practices.

Start Analyzing Data with Advance ML Models

Digital Crop Advisor

Build stronger relationships with your customers and optimize growers yields sustainably. With our state-of-the-art technology and data insights as a decision-support system for crop nutrition management, you can gain complete operational overview capabilities within our management dashboard. 

Managers can get an overview of all operations, and see how specific products are performing in sales and crop yields across the globe. This dashboard also allows you to oversee the environmental footprint of the recommended nutrition plans, ensuring continuous sustainability improvements. 

Operational control and visibility of your organization’s crop yield and nutrition, product performance, and sales

From a single location you can track and monitor your organization’s nutrition recommendations across all agronomy and sales teams. Get real agronomic actionable insights into the number of fields and coverage of each operation regionally and globally!

Our digital agronomist sales support tool also includes an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to filter by time, crop, and more to help with data-driven decisions.

Empower field-level agronomists and agriculture professionals with verified, scientific-based crop nutrient decision-support engine

With Digital Crop Advisor, you can optimize your crop nutrition management using our 12 scientifically-proven crop nutrient recommendation data profiles. With over 150 different crops in our database, we can help you create unique nutrition plans for whatever you’re growing. This digital solution for fertilization planning will help you maximize crop productivity and sustainably use your resources.

It’s also the first crop nutrition optimization planning tool that accounts for controlled-release fertilizers. Field agronomists can include these fertilizers in their crop nutrition management plans and see the nutritional distribution along the different phenological stages of the crop. This includes the expected depletion date of the controlled release fertilizer, so they can schedule the next fertilizer application at the optimum time.

The standardization of field-level agronomic practices helps with operational control, visibility, and unification across the growing season.

Continued Innovation at - Agmatix

Implement and verify crop protocols throughout your organization

Utilize our fully customizable fertilization planning tool for your grower needs and get unbiased, product catalog-based recommendations. This means that you can get crop performance analyses with rapid geospatial implementations (based on your local practices) and additional support with your lab analyses Our crop data management systems allow for protocols to be shared across your organization to improve the quality, consistency, and reproducibility of practices and data collection.

Leverage big data insights for sustainable crop nutrition

Sustainability is a foundational part of Agmatix’s company and toolkit. With our Digital Crop Advisor, you can get customized nutrient recommendations based on carbon emissions analyses. By monitoring sustainability KPIs, our tools help you reduce nitrogen leaching and optimize nutrient use efficiency so you’re able to quantify your sustainability efforts. Our decision support system allows you to easily create crop nutrition plans to optimize your crop production while keeping sustainability in mind. 

Start Optimizing Your Crop Nutritional Plans

Agmatix makes it easier to manage your agronomic field trials, increase yields, and ensure sustainability with our trial management platform and digital crop advisor solution. With a mission to help you turn agronomic data into actionable insights, we offer various solutions to facilitate that process.