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The Benefits of Ag Cloud-based Solutions Over Legacy Systems to Empower Crop Growth and Sustainability

The shift to cloud computing away from legacy systems has had significant implications for data management, operational effectiveness, communication, and collaboration. With cloud computing, organizations can store and access large amounts of data from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

Advanced Agriculture cloud-based solutions have greatly streamlined data management processes and reduced the need for expensive in-house data storage infrastructure as is still the case with legacy on-prem tech.

Additionally, applying cloud computing in Agriculture has improved operational effectiveness by allowing organizations to easily scale their computing resources as needed, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency. 

Agriculture cloud-based solutions can empower crop growth and sustainability in several ways:

  1. Precision Agriculture: By collecting and conducting data analytics on weather conditions, soil characteristics, and crop health, cloud-based solutions can provide farmers with insights into how to optimize their crop growth. This can include determining the ideal time to plant when to apply fertilizer and pesticides, and what crops to plant in each field.
  2. Remote Monitoring: Advanced cloud-based solutions in agriculture enable growers to keep track of crop health and soil conditions in real time. This can help identify potential issues early, allowing farmers to take corrective action and improve crop yields. Cloud-based solutions allow farmers to monitor their fields remotely.
  3. Supply Chain Management: By connecting farmers, suppliers, and buyers, cloud-based solutions can help streamline the supply chain and reduce waste. This can result in more efficient use of resources and reduce the environmental impact of agriculture. 
  1. Decision-Making: Ag Cloud-based solutions provide farmers with access to large amounts of data, including market prices and crop yields. This data can be used to make informed decisions about planting, harvesting, and marketing their crops, improving sustainability and profitability.
  2. Predictive Analytics: By analyzing historical data, cloud-based solutions can predict future crop yields and help farmers make informed decisions about planting, harvesting, and marketing their crops. This can help improve sustainability and reduce waste by reducing overproduction and waste.

Agriculture cloud-based solutions can empower crop growth and sustainability by providing farmers with the tools and information they need to make informed decisions and optimize their operations.

Last but not least, Ag cloud-based solutions have facilitated communication and collaboration by providing access to shared resources and tools that enable teams to work together more effectively, regardless of location or time. 

Overall, cloud computing has been a transformative technology that has had far-reaching implications for the way organizations manage data, operate, and collaborate with one another.

Ag Cloud-Based Platforms Capture New Capabilities 

The shift to cloud computing has greatly impacted various aspects of data management, operational effectiveness, communication, and collaboration. The cloud offers real-time data access, cost savings through reduced capital investment and server maintenance, automatic data backups, scalability, easy configuration, API integration, and customizability. 

These features make it an attractive option for growers looking to streamline their operations and improve their overall efficiency, while also reducing the risk of data loss. 

Additionally, the cloud enables quick onboarding, enhanced security, and easy scalability, which allows organizations to grow and adjust their resources as needed. The use of cloud technology has therefore become a transformative tool in the context of Agriculture cloud-based solutions which has been seeking to replace legacy on-prem tech for the past few years. This has had far-reaching implications for the way organizations manage their data, operate, and collaborate with one another.

The Benefits of Ag Cloud based Solutions Over Legacy Systems to Empower Crop Growth and Sustainability Inside - Agmatix

Benefits of Cloud-Based Solutions in Agriculture

Just as steam power technology spurred the industrial revolution, digital advancements in agriculture are fueling the agricultural revolution of the 21st century. In the world of agriculture, the adoption of cloud-based solutions has the potential to revolutionize the way big data is utilized. 

By centralizing critical information such as soil conditions, land information, marketing data, weather patterns, crop and pest management, and agro informatics in a cloud-based platform, a comprehensive overview of the entire agricultural ecosystem can be achieved. 

With the added capabilities of cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and AI, cloud-based computing can help farmers improve crop yield, health, quality, and overall outcomes by leveraging the power of big data in agriculture.

Here are 3 specific examples of how cloud-based solutions benefit agriculture: 

  1. Increased efficiency in team collaboration – Cloud-based applications provide a centralized platform for multiple individuals from different organizations to work together seamlessly, regardless of technical aptitudes. This results in more effective collaboration and faster decision-making.
  2. Improved data-driven decision-making – The ability to access real-time data enables farmers and agronomists to make changes to their practices in a timely manner. For instance, the use of drone data can provide an accurate assessment of the health of crops, while soil moisture probes help to adjust irrigation practices in real time, leading to better yields.
  3. Streamlined project management – By connecting growers, field trial managers, and agronomists in real-time, cloud-based applications provide a centralized Ag-focused platform for on-farm experiments, allowing for better project management and increased impact. Additionally, the use of cloud-based systems helps to reduce the amount of manual data entry, making it easier to transcribe and use data to its full potential.

Additionally, with a cloud-based Ag solution, there is:

  • No installation needed
  • Quick onboarding
  • Maximized scalability
  • Simple configuration

It is critical to understand that with an on-prem Ag solution, the number of users dilutes the performance ability, thereby affecting usability and achieving results.

Agmatix’s Next-Generation of Cloud-Based Solutions for Agriculture 

At Agmatix, we believe in creating a world where high-quality and standardized agronomic data is available, enabling Ag professionals to break data silos, overcome obstacles and improve sustainable food production and quality. 

With our mission to harmonize and standardize all agronomic data and make it universally accessible, we strive to change the world with the best data-driven solutions. Our platform is rooted in our values of being data-driven, daring, determined, trustworthy, and always improving. Join us as we explore the future of agriculture and the role of agro informatics in shaping a better world. Read on to learn about our key Ag offerings.

Digital Crop Advisor

The Digital Crop Advisor is a unique and innovative tool designed to help agronomists and agriculture professionals optimize crop nutrition management at scale. It combines state-of-the-art technology, data insights about the local environment, and expert knowledge to make science-based crop nutrition decisions to help increase yields and lower the environmental footprint. 

The solution provides ag-input sales agronomists instant access to all product listings and enables field agronomists to create tailored crop nutrition management plans that deliver results sustainably. For food producers, it allows for the implementation of field-level protocols based on R&D efforts that increase yields, quality, and profitability.

The solution also provides a full picture of your crop production with deep insights into carbon emissions, project management, and collaboration capabilities, allowing users to view the real-time status and fluctuations of all operations worldwide and filter by location and date to easily find what they need. It also provides a digital touch point with growers for real-time recommendations.

Field agronomists can provide growers with a deeper understanding of the impact that individual nutrient plans have on their crops and the associated carbon emissions. They can offer real-time recommendations based on data-driven insights. 

The solution is equipped with 12 scientifically-proven crop nutrient data profiles, enabling efficient crop nutrition optimization and easy analysis and reporting. The software also allows for a paperless environment and helps maximize ROI. 

The solution provides sustainable nutrient recommendations per each plan created, based upon the unique carbon footprint analysis of that plan, which enables users to quantify and compare sustainability KPIs. The algorithm correctly adjusts crop nutritional needs and helps understand the tradeoff between maximizing yields and minimizing detrimental environmental effects.

Agronomic Trial Management

The Agronomic Field Trial solution is a cutting-edge solution for managing all aspects of your agricultural field trials. The precision farming tool offers a range of capabilities made possible by its cloud-based design which provides a complete end-to-end unified platform that includes planning, analysis, mobile data collection, and reporting. and project management as well as collaboration.

The platform’s reporting capabilities provide complete insight into your trial’s progress, allowing you to manage budgets, monitor protocols vs development, and analyze all factors that affect trial performance. Researchers may quickly connect with trial operators, field technicians, and CROs using its user-friendly interface, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

The platform’s mobile data collection feature allows you to collect data and observations from your mobile device, whether you are in the field or at your desk. You can receive insights on the performance of your trials, helping you make informed decisions about product performance and marketability. 

Finally, the platform’s project management and collaboration capabilities allow you to share data with staff members and partners outside your organization, improving collaboration and decision-making across your entire team, all within a unified platform

Axiom Technology

Axion technology is the key to unlocking a huge potential from agronomic data. Within this technology engine, data is ingested, validated, enriched, and leveraged by in-house ontologies with various sources to standardize, harmonize and enable agronomic predictive modeling, research, and field trials. 

AI-driven insights are another key capability that Axiom provides the solutions within the Agmatix platform. With advanced machine learning algorithms, the platform can analyze the data and provide recommendations within the solution to users.

Axiom also enables better collaboration capabilities because it standardizes agronomic data and houses it in a unified cloud-based platform for Agmatix’s customers. This means multiple ag professionals can access, share and work within the same data sets, to gain better insights with the assurance that all data is comparing apples to apples. This helps Agmatix customers increase their productivity and efficiency.

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Cloud-Based is the Foundation for Next-Gen Ag

The growth of agtech applications in agriculture through cloud computing will drive significant change for environmental protection and food security. The wider the adoption, the greater the positive impact will be, with accessibility playing a critical role. Agmatix is leading the charge towards the next stage of agricultural advancement, creating cutting-edge, cloud-based solutions.