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Turning Agronomic Data into Actionable Insights: An Overview of Axiom Technology

Agmatix is a global agro-informatics company focused on delivering actionable insights to the agriculture industry. Agmatix’s vision is a world where standardized agronomic data of maximum quality is available to support agriculture professionals to overcome sustainable food production challenges. 

Through the development of data-driven solutions in a cutting-edge platform based on agronomy data science and advanced AI, Agmatix aims to address the lack of data standardization in agriculture to maximize crop yield while supporting sustainable agriculture. 

Axiom technology is the backbone of Agmatix’s agronomist and research-focused platforms. Axiom is an ontology-based engine that enables data to reach maximum value through ingestion, validation, enrichment, and harmonization. 

When data is in its highest quality and most usable state, it can be used for modeling, predictive insights, or data-driven decision-making through the Agmatix platforms. Ultimately, this comprehensive connection between Axiom and the end use of the data means decisions can be made in a more efficient, informed manner. 

What is Agmatix’s Axiom Technology?

To make sense of the vast amount of data generated by field trials and other agricultural pursuits, Agmatix developed the Axiom technology. This technology takes in and organizes data from various sources, such as APIs, remote sensors, and data repositories. By using in-house ontologies, Axiom is able to standardize and harmonize this data, making it more useful for predictive modeling, research, and field trials in agriculture. 

Axiom’s technology uses its own data protocol called Growing Universal Agronomic Data Standards (GUARDS). GUARDS is designed to transform the diverse methods that researchers use to store raw agronomic data into a universal standardized language that can be easily comprehended by any researcher globally. 

GUARDS organizes all of the parameters in the agriculture space – including nutrients, crops, soil characteristics, and more – into a knowledge graph with many connections inside the graph. It adheres to the FAIR data principles, which guarantee that data is Findable, Accessible, Interpretable, and Reusable. This GUARDS protocol is the key ontology, and it’s expanding. 

Axiom also automatically takes in agronomic data from multiple sources, ensuring the highest levels of integrity. By using agronomic big data and the latest technology, Axiom makes it possible to create agronomic predictive models, ontology repositories, and statistical analyses for agriculture. 

We then employ our advanced analytics software to process the standardized and analyzed data, generating machine learning-based predictive models for agricultural solutions, analytics, APIs, and data service digital solutions. 

By using Agmatix, agriculture professionals can finally focus on generating insights rather than spending 80% of their time acquiring clean agricultural data. This approach significantly reduces the time it takes to bring new innovations to market in the industry.

How Axiom Works 

Axiom works through a process to ensure agronomic data is in its most usable format. That starts with data ingestion, where data comes into the platform from current and past research. Data can also come from APIs and IoT sensors – or even an agronomic database

After ingestion, the data undergoes a series of pipelines to achieve quality, enrichment, and standardization. Here are three examples of our main pipelines:

  1. The first pipeline is the quality gate, which utilizes machine learning to identify anomalies. It thoroughly cleanses the data, ensuring data integrity from multiple sources such as date, location, and incorrect values, among others, before any further manipulation.
  1. Once the data is clean, it proceeds to the enrichment gate. This layer enhances the data by generating additional knowledge without altering the original data, ensuring its safety and security. Within the data enrichment gate, there are several pipelines, one of which addresses the normalization problem concerning units. This pipeline, known as the unit converter, consolidates diverse measurements into a standardized baseline.
  1. The final gate is the standardization gate, which establishes the data model for standardization before storing the information in the data warehouse. The standardization and data modeling processes adhere to the GUARDS protocol.

The bottom-up ontology engine uses a bottom-up approach to create standard definitions based on the data. 

Overall, the GUARDS protocol orders data into a knowledge graph with many connections inside the graph, which allows a user to find the answer to any question – without data barriers prohibiting searching for the answer. 

Once the data has been standardized through the GUARDS protocol, Axiom generates insights and models to support analytics and field-level applications of the data through ML. The interaction layer enables modeling through the implementation of the knowledge graph to promote agricultural predictions. 

We are building a unique modular data lake infrastructure which serves agronomists to control, provision, and retrieve any information from each pipeline while assuring that all original data is safe and secure as required by our customers, said Dan Raudnitz, Vice President of Research and Development at Agmatix

What Makes Axiom Technology Powerful

Axiom technology supports resilient agriculture by enabling dynamic decision-making through agronomic data management and insights. Axiom unlocks the true potential of agronomic data for businesses, leading to an increased return on investment in research and development. 

Axiom lays the groundwork for digital transformation in research and development companies, allowing data to be a catalyst for increased speed to market. To enhance decision-making and increase the velocity of results, Axiom breaks down data silos and provides access to data throughout an organization and its partners. Ultimately, this promotes information sharing among divisions, functions, and even with growers.

For researchers and data scientists, the effortless stitching together of data and systems through Axiom leads to expedited innovation and the development of new products through accessing readily available ML-ready data pipelines.

Axiom is an industry-exclusive technology that promotes scientific agriculture predictions through the implementation of knowledge graphs. 

For Agmatix, this is at the heart of everything we do – our North Star. Using the GUARDS protocol, it’s possible to pull data from different places and standardize it, regardless of source. This data can be enriched with adjacent data layers to provide a more complete dataset for analysis. Axiom even provides a download API view and self-analysis capabilities to make the most of the agronomic data. 

Applications of Agmatix Axiom Technology: How Agmatix can help Ag Professionals with Agronomic Data Insights

Axiom serves as the central backbone for the Agmatix platform that enable agriculture professionals to collect and share agronomic data and to discover unique insights that are actionable at the field level, supporting sustainability, crop quality, and yield goals. 

Agronomic Trial Management is an end-to-end research trial management platform that ultimately increases speed to market. This one central solution includes trial planning and layout options, allows users to manage trial execution, supports data collection, and even includes analytic widgets for fast data analysis. Data and reports can easily be shared with cross-functional teams to speed up decision-making across stakeholders. 

Digital Crop Advisor supports agriculture professionals in helping farmers to maximize profits and simultaneously reduce environmental impact. This decision support system is based on scientific principles and backed by data to assist in optimizing crop nutrient plans. A mobile application even works with the unified global platform for in-field data collection to support agile nutrition plans. 

Because of Axiom technology, Digital Crop Advisor can provide unique insights into sustainability KPIs, including carbon footprint. Users can even simulate tradeoffs between different nutritional plans and their potential impacts on yield and carbon footprint. This information enables field-level decision-making with the environment in mind. 

Insights and Models provide agronomic analysis powered by Axiom. Insights and Models enable a comprehensive view of agronomic trial outcomes. By analyzing combined and standardized field trial data, it creates dynamic crop models and provides deeper insights into the results.

Key Features of Agmatix’s Axiom Technology

Axiom technology is a unique approach to data standardization. This platform deploys a graph data structure that enables AI and modeling capabilities to make the most of the dataset. Powerful analytics cluster data based on ontology hierarchies, exposing relationships between different entities – even if they are from different domains. 

Combined with relevant layers, such as weather or GIS data, Axiom’s auto-standardization of fragmented data based on the GUARDS protocol allows Axiom to go where other tools can’t – directly to fully unlock the potential for the data. 

For field trials, the automatic process to fuse data from current and ongoing trials with legacy trials into a single, standardized data lake allows companies to see the full picture of a product and its potential. Axiom both enriches and acquires data. The addition of relevant data helps round out the dataset and provide complete analytic results. 

“In the enrichment layer, we are doing some kind of calculation on the data, on the raw data. For example, efficacy, there’s no parameter that is important for us in order to make further analysis going forward. So we do some enrichment on the raw data on some of it and add this enrichment layer to our data lake as well,” said Dan Raudnitz, Vice President of Research and Development at Agmatix. 

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Axiom Enables Agronomic Data Insights

Axiom technology provides the methodology to fuel digital transformation in agriculture. Axiom helps break down data silos through ingestion and standardization in accordance with the FAIR data principles. 

This enables data-driven decision-making in agriculture, supporting increased innovation to address the need for increasing production, quality, and sustainability. As Mr. Raudnitz says, “Agmatix is where we can change the world.”