The 3 C’s of Field Trials: Collaboration, Collection, Compliance

The Agmatix Trial Management Platform is transforming how vital field trials are conducted, shortening the time span between trial design and product release, cutting trial costs, and harnessing next-generation technologies to revolutionize data management.

Agronomic field trials can be uniquely complex projects that require skilled planning and comprehensive design, as well as the active collaboration of a variety of stakeholders and participants. The complexities increase when field trials are conducted in suboptimal conditions such as remote locations or on marginal lands, especially when they require real-time input and coordination from teams in different geographical locations and time zones. 

Ensuring that field trials reach their full potential while remaining within budget and on schedule, is a major challenge for trial managers. Running a successful trial requires three key components: collaboration, collection, and compliance. 

Achieving the 3 C’s of field trials has traditionally been challenging and time-consuming, and placed limitations on the scope and viability of trials. Using next-generation ag data analytics allows researchers to gain deeper insights into their experiments’ progress and outcomes. 

Agmatix launched the groundbreaking Trial Management Platform precisely to address these issues, utilizing newly available mobile technology, SaaS cloud data technology, AI, and machine learning. The platform literally transformed the ability of users to design and implement field trials, as well as their ability to standardize trial data and manage access to that data across multiple teams. 

The Trial Management Platform’s latest version updates host new features and upgrades. It incorporates the latest technological advances, as well as user feedback from research institutes, agronomists, farmers, and other stakeholders who successfully used the original version of the platform during field trials. The updated agronomic trial platform from Agmatix is user-friendly, and flexible, and allows flawless integration of the 3C’s of field trials. 

Enhanced Collaboration for an Optimal Outcome

A field trial is a complex collaborative process that requires the expertise and oversight of a variety of stakeholders and clients. With modern technology, the participants and clients in a field trial can literally communicate across continents, time zones, and linguistic barriers. 

Enhanced collaboration, with the full, timely, and active participation of every trial member and associate, requires a high-tech approach.  Field trial managers need a suite of tools that connects project participants to both trial and archived data and to each other, in real-time and via a single platform. Unnecessary (or obsolete) data silos and the isolation of remote teams are major obstacles to efficient and successful field trial outcomes.

Trial administrators invite trial members to participate and have access to the relevant data which enables them to receive the relevant data and contribute to the trial according to their fullest professional capacity. Researchers, agronomists, and other trial participants have all the tools to conveniently view, analyze, and report on the collected (and standardized) data, regardless of their actual geographical location.

The Agmatix Field Trial Platform effectively empowers its users. Stakeholders across the entire spectrum of a project can monitor field trial progress in real time and draw invaluable insights from the collated data. The platform technology is not only expediting agronomic research but has the potential to increase the number and breadth of future field trials.

Next-Generation Data Collection for Informed Decision-making

Field trials generate a mass of data. Even a basic research project can yield complex information about the performance of crop nutrients, pest control solutions, soil quality and composition, seed germination rates, the health and growth rate of plants, crop yields, etc. 

A common pain point in many field trials is the actual process of data entry. Previous generations of researchers and field workers were constrained by the limitations inherent in manual data entry. The processes were laborious, time-consuming, and vulnerable to human error. 

A complicating factor was the preponderance of differing data formats. A lack of data standardization created barriers to speed and accuracy during field trials. The challenges of effective data entry placed an additional burden on researchers responsible for devising comprehensive plans for new research projects. The updated Agmatix Agronomic Trial Solution completely transforms and streamlines data collection, revolutionizing this core aspect of agronomic research. 

Agmatix field trial management platform users receive a new level of data collection functionality. An electronic notebook and customizable data collection templates allow researchers to create sophisticated tailored data solutions. The data tools are advanced but are designed to be completely user-friendly and simple to master.

Users can generate customized reports – including protocols, treatments, and images – with just a few clicks. The Agmatix technology collects and compiles data from multiple locations, and then presents it for immediate viewing, analysis, and reporting. 

Transforming Data Collection for Crop Protection Research

Some of the most important field trials relate to crop protection. The ability to protect harvests and ensure good overall plant health and yield is key to achieving global food security, particularly as we face the challenges of global warming and changes to crop predation patterns. 

The Agmatix Trial Management solution is ideal for crop protection field trials, bringing new levels of efficiency and real-time control. Users can easily leverage electronic data capture and can easily assign, track, and monitor field assessments. The updated Agmatix platform transforms the documenting of treatments, sampling of events, and recording of observations into a simple and intuitive process. 

Data collection and analysis can be completed in a fraction of the time that was required for previous generations of studies. The mobile app also allows users to collect data while offline, a significant enabler for effective field research. All authorized participants can closely monitor the performance of a variety of methods of crop protection and pest management. 

As with other types of field trials, the advanced platform allows users to easily create tailor-made reports on the efficacy of different crop protection solutions. Comprehensive reports can encompass any range of treatment protocols, images, and required metrics. The entire process is streamlined, transparent, and geared towards allowing informed decision-making.

Meet Compliance Requirements From Day One

Regulatory compliance has emerged as one of the pillars of agronomic research. A comprehensive field trial plan that integrates compliance requirements, and provides the tools for checking whether requirements are being met, can save both time and money. Too often, trial managers have to meet compliance requirements retroactively, extending the time lapse between the completion of a trial and the launch of new products. 

The new Agronomic Trial Management solution meets all relevant industry regulations with meticulous attention to detail, removing a major burden from researchers and trial managers. The SaaS cloud-based platform provides full data security and privacy, without impeding workflows or denying authorized stakeholders access to trial data. 

More than anything, the updated platform can provide trial managers and clients with peace of mind. When you know that you will have full compliance with data protection regulations and industry standards and that privacy, data capture, storage, and transmission requirements are met, you are free to fully focus on important agronomic research.  

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Agmatix: Technical Innovation for Agronomic Research

In the world of agronomic research, the integration of cutting-edge technology has revolutionized how we approach agricultural experiment monitoring and management. The Agmatix Agronomic Trial Management solution harnesses key technologies and flawlessly combines them in a single platform. Users can integrate the three C’s of field trials: collaboration, collection, and compliance from the moment they begin to plan a new field trial. 

The Trial Management solution has a simple purpose – to help users and clients get to market faster. There is also a clear potential to reduce the overall costs of creating and conducting field trials and to achieve optimal results through expert collaboration and teamwork in real-time.

Advanced features like the electronic notebook, standardized data, new platform language, SaaS cloud data storage, and the integration of AI and machine learning are vital game changers for researchers and agronomists. The offline functionality of the mobile app for data collection is a significant advantage at field level, while the integrated compliance mechanisms can transform the administration of a trial. 

The Trial Management solution is a flagship product with the potential to revolutionize how field trials are conducted. It aims to increase the validity of trial data and facilitate informed decision-making based on trial results. This benefits not only R&D organizations but also aids in translating trial results for an organization’s sales and marketing departments and planning.

Agmatix is committed to the achievement of global food security within a generation and is continuing to research and innovate across the wider spectrum of Agtech.  If you’d like to work with Agmatix and contribute to innovation in agronomy and food production, we’d love to hear from you.