Accelerating R&D with Field Trial Software

The Agmatix Agronomic Trial Management Solution is transforming the entire process of research and development. A suite of new technologies, combined in a single platform, can optimize agronomic trials, reduce costs and accelerate time to market for vital new products.

As we enter a new agricultural revolution, the current possibilities of research and development are arguably more exciting than at any other time in human history. Researchers and scientific institutes around the world are harnessing the latest technologies to achieve the goal of universal food security. 

The latest AgTech and related technologies are also helping agronomists to adapt to the new realities of climate change and extreme weather events while meeting public demand for sustainability, environmental protection, and ethical food production. 

The integration of new technologies like AI and machine learning, SaaS cloud storage, and new field research software is not restricted to new agronomic products. Recent technological advances have the potential to revolutionize the actual processes of R&D and how field trials themselves are conducted. Our new capacity to innovate and modernize within agronomic research, and to implement much faster field trials, is likely to facilitate a major leap forward over the next decade.

Agmatix´s Agronomic Trial Management Solution is designed to achieve and integrate the 3C’s of field trials: collaboration, collection, and compliance. The software enables fast and effective trial planning, enhanced data collection and management, improved stakeholder collaboration, and comprehensive regulatory compliance. The high-tech agricultural research management platform can substantially reduce time to market, as well as reduce R&D costs. 

Companies that use the Agmatix Agronomic Trial Management Solution can not only benefit from faster agronomic trials. When trial costs are reduced, there is a clear potential to conduct a greater volume of trials. Put simply, research budgets stretch further when trials are cheaper and shorter. Platform users can develop a clear competitive edge in the crop protection space, as well as in other agronomy markets. The advantages are obvious for all companies, but can completely transform the R&D landscape for startups and SMEs.

Trial Management Efficiency 

The quality of the initial comprehensive study design for agronomic trials can often determine whether the project remains cost-effective and concludes within a 

trial-to-market timescale that is acceptable to clients and stakeholders. The Agmatix Trial Management Solution makes comprehensive end-to-end planning simple and flexible. 

The platform design places a significant emphasis on user-friendly procedures and on using simple tools to achieve sophisticated tailored outcomes. The electronic notebook is a major innovation that saves considerable time for researchers and reduces the possibility of human error. 

The platform’s drag-and-drop capabilities also permit a faster and more intuitive workflow from initial layout design, through to execution and on to analysis and reporting. Researchers and trial managers can use the platform’s task management tools to maintain a constant overview of all aspects of a trial. Remote managing, monitoring, and controlling becomes a simple and secure process. The Agmatix Agronomic Trial Management Solution delivers a genuine next-generation study design capability. 

Shorten Time to Market with Enhanced Data Collection 

Enhanced data collection and improved reporting efficiency are at the heart of next-generation data driven agronomic solutions. The Agmatix Trial Management Solution standardizes data for every field trial via an advanced ontology hierarchy system and treats harvested data as a valuable asset that drives innovation and discovery. 

Improved data stewardship delivers both security and flexibility, allowing trial managers to set permissions and authorizations to suit each project’s needs. Risks are reduced through automatic identification of data collection issues and outliers. Databases are IP-protected and meet all regulatory compliance and industry standards. 

The underlying need to reduce time to market is met in part by customizable data collection templates and an electronic notebook. This completely eliminates the need for laborious manual data entry, as well as the difficulties of working with a variety of different file types, and units of measurement. 

Data collection is streamlined and harmonized throughout the platform and field research software. The mobile app gives users the option to work offline and continues to deliver precision data collection with no reduction in functionality or user experience. Reporting – including protocols, treatments, images, etc. – can be carried out seamlessly with just a few clicks. 

Inspire Stakeholders with Enhanced Collaboration 

Any field trial depends on the combined expertise and active participation of all its stakeholders. Timely contributions from subject matter experts and specialists are essential along the entire trial-to-market timeline. 

One of the challenges that field trial managers face is how to disseminate data (within the context of agreed permissions) and ensure that diverse teams, in different geographical locations, can work together in sync. Even when different teams are working on completely separate aspects of a field trial, they may need to perform their allocated tasks simultaneously to shorten the time to market.

The Agmatix Trial Management Solution makes seamless collaboration between stakeholders easy. The entire system of user authorization is logical and simple to implement and allows managers full oversight and transparency at all times. As soon as stakeholders have immediate access to trial data and to any relevant agronomic database, the pace of innovation rapidly increases. 

Field trial participants are typically highly motivated people who are passionate about making new discoveries and developing – and launching – new agronomical products. When they have real-time access to data, and the opportunity to channel their knowledge and creativity, the results can be amazing. A genuine collaborative effort, via a user-friendly interface, can rapidly accelerate time to market and increase the ROI for any field trial.

Cut Operating Costs from Trial to Market

R&D is essentially an investment and depends entirely on funding. In a corporate environment, R&D teams are competing with other departments for a share of the company budget. The ability to demonstrate cost-effectiveness and value for money can be vital when it comes to securing approval and funding for a new field trial. When trial planners and managers can demonstrably reduce time to market for profitable products, they are immediately on a stronger footing. 

Efficiently run field trials are invariably faster and more cost-effective. A combination of optimized comprehensive planning, top-quality field research software, enhanced data collection and analysis, and full stakeholder collaboration can drive field trial costs down exponentially. 

An important technical innovation that goes a long way toward reducing costs is the right cloud-based SaaS solution for data management. Cloud technology requires fewer additional expenses in the form of customizations, integrations, and patchwork software. 

Ownership is cheaper overall and the technology is more reliable. Crucially, data management (particularly the allocation of permissions) is more intuitive and less laborious. It is also simpler to achieve regulatory compliance from day one, eliminating the need for retroactive compliance measures and shortening the real duration of a trial. 

Develop a Competitive Advantage with Agmatix

The Agmatix Agronomic Trial Management Solution can transform how you conduct agronomic trials and deliver an improved ROI as your teams shorten the time to market for new products. The seamless integration of the 3 C’s of field trials: collection, collaboration, and compliance, results in speed, accuracy, and value for money. 

A shorter and more cost-effective R&D cycle translates into a competitive advantage that can grow exponentially. We are already entering a new, tech-driven agricultural revolution. Companies that embrace the latest technological innovations will be operating from a position of strength as they seek to expand their share of the markets. 

The Agmatix Trial Management Solution is a superb tool for agronomy researchers and innovators. It brings your teams and stakeholders together in real-time, via a secure user-friendly interface, and allows them to combine their energies and talents within a predefined structure. When obsolete data silos and time-consuming data management processes are eliminated, the results of focused collaboration can be awesome!

Agmatix is committed to meeting the challenges of delivering global food security and to protecting the environment by creating sustainable agriculture. The Trial Management Solution is a game-changing technology for researchers and agronomists who share our goals and are working to create a better future for the entire planet. We can transform how you plan and manage your vital field trials, accelerating R&D and significantly reducing time to market.

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