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Axiom Open

Axiom Open aims to revolutionize agricultural data and the way we standardize, harmonize, and use it today.

Axiom Open is a collaborative and open agronomic data platform that enables Ag researchers and other agricultural professionals around the globe to share and view agronomic data. The Axiom Open platform is designed to revolutionize the use and availability of agricultural data and the way it is standardized, harmonized, and used today. Axiom Open differs somewhat from the Axiom platform. The Axiom platform can accept data from a variety of sources, ranging from field sensors to data repositories, and access software systems allowing for decoupled components of uploaded data to interact with other data format types to reduce redundancy. Axiom Open takes this feature one step further by facilitating the creation of a seamless and transparent agronomic database allowing for all users to share data and use it in their agronomic research.

Access agricultural data freely

Allows researchers to share data

Fosters collaboration among agricultural researchers

Additional Benefits

The Axiom Open platform provides a collaborative and open agronomic data platform that will enable Ag researchers and professionals to share and view agronomic data from around the globe. Axiom Open facilitates the creation of a transparent agronomic database for easy and accessible use for the agronomic community. The platform will enable all researchers to share data, enjoy data others have shared, and include newly available data in their research or agronomic products.


The interpersonal collaborations promoted through the Axiom Open platform will overcome data-related challenges faced by researchers today.