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Crop Nutrition Digital Platform

The Crop Nutrition Digital Platform aims to create sustainable impact by leveraging state-of-the-art technology and data insights to lead the crop nutrition revolution that drives crop nutrition optimization.

The Crop Nutrition Digital Platform (CNDP) is leading the crop nutrition revolution by leveraging Axiom’s advanced data storage and analysis capabilities to optimize the needs of the agricultural scientist in farmland and crop optimization while reducing the carbon footprint of the farm. Our unique platform uses advanced algorithms to create automated fertilization plans for optimizing plant nutrition by examining multiple unique parameters, including crop, field location, acidity, previous crops, plant update, yield uptake, laboratory analyses, and nutrient removal rate. The result is an accurate fertilizing plan that is adapted to each farmer’s needs and yield goals.

Carries out its analysis based on verified, field-proven data

Provides access to the most extensive agricultural database

Calculates crop nutrient loss rates

Uses crop nutrient removal rate approach

Examines crop growth according to phenological stage

Carries out nutrition-based field analyses, upload, and interpretation

Provides organic manure calculations

Provides customer- and product catalog-based recommendations

Provides easy-to-use digital solutions for crop nutrition planning

Integrates laboratory testing results into its analysis

Provides mobile device and multi-language support

Additional Benefits

The CNDP also adjusts its programming for online and offline use and is also designed to reduce fertilizer waste. This is done through our innovative fertilization tool that facilitates the automation and optimization of fertilization plans. CDNP leverages Axiom’s advanced data capabilities to create a fertilization plan that is customized for the farmer’s needs, optimized for land and crop, and capable of reducing the carbon footprint.


The Crop Nutrition Digital Platform aims to become the most advanced fertilization tool in the market, leading the fertilization revolution and becoming the platform for building a fertilization standard in the industry.