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Data Insights and Predictive Modeling

The Axiom platform leverages deep agronomical knowledge, concise data, and advanced data science for agricultural predictive modeling and analytics.

This cutting-edge platform is fueled by a giant source of global agricultural data from various domains. This process of turning big data into powerful models and insights opens up a whole new world of possibilities for researchers and Ag professionals, providing a significant new layer of knowledge that was inaccessible beforehand.


The Axiom platform provides a vast reservoir of agricultural data that can be explored to model predictions and analyses. Having this extensive collection of data on crops, regions, and years of growth from around the world, Axiom demonstrates how “big data” can be turned into powerful models and insights, thereby introducing new possibilities to agriculture professionals.

Serves as an agronomic model for preliminary SQL statistical analysis

Delivers out-of-the-box and on-demand reports

Uses AI to “train”data in agronomic modeling

Data can be manipulated to calibrate and verify statistical and ML models

Synthetic data can be created to identify the information required for agricultural success

Data is drawn from credible and traceable agronomic data, ensuring a reliable source

Additional Benefits

The vast reservoir of agricultural information that supports the Axiom platform far exceeds the amount contained in other collections of agricultural data. Using the most relevant statistical models and algorithms, agronomists can explore an endless number of insights to answer complicated questions.


Digital solutions based on advanced monitoring and data analysis techniques are currently in development to find ways to increase crop yields without burdening already overtaxed resources, such as land and water. Given the massive amount of data generated through field monitoring, soil sensing, insect monitoring, precisions irrigation, etc., the Axiom platform holds significant promise for driving innovative Ag solutions and boosting yields.