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Research Management Platform

The agmatixTM Research Management Platform (RMP) is a powerful digital tool designed to be used by agricultural scientists to plan and manage field trials in a standardized, intuitive way.

The RMP focuses on the intricate, everyday details (i.e., Methods and Means) of conducting a trial, thereby liberating researchers from routine management tasks and allowing them to focus on the science of the field trial itself. Using SaaS applications, RMP facilitates collaboration among those involved in the trial, allowing direct contact between the researcher and field operators anywhere in the world, standardizes data within each area of investigation, supports data preservation, facilitates data traceability, and supports all relevant standards in each research domain.

A simple Saas solution for managing field trials

Supports all relevant standards in each research domain

Easily integrates data from disparate external sources

Standardizes data upload and data preservation

Standardizes research data using the GUARDS Protocol

Allows for data control and traceability

Allows direct contact between the researcher and field operator

Facilitates continuous support of new technologies and agrotechnical methods

Can generate hundreds of treatment combinations

Can export data for an initial RFP

Supports dynamic parameters in fertilization and irrigation

Demonstrated its utility across four experimental design models

Additional Benefits

This user-friendly platform is intuitive, allowing for an easy onboarding process. Although it is free and requires no special hardware, security and privacy for this platform complies with the highest standards available today.


Future plans for this platform include continued improvements in trial coverage, compliance, third-party data source integration, and collaborations through FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable) data principles. Agmatix Research Management Platform solution will become the global standard for agronomic field trial research in the near future.