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Turning non-standardized data into powerful insights.

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Utilizing cutting-edge data technology to increase yield while reducing environmental impact.

Empowering Ag professionals with actionable data.

Promoting sustainable agriculture with data-driven Ag solutions.

Delivering technology that helps to feed the world.

About us

agmatix is an agro informatics company that develops data-driven solutions for Ag professionals worldwide.
Our unique technology uses agronomy data science and advanced AI technology to harmonize agronomic data transforming it into actionable insights at field level.
With a revolutionary approach, we aim to solve the lack of data standardization to improve crop yield, quality and promote sustainable agriculture.


We developed Axiom – a technology platform that generates its own system for large scale standardization and harmonization of agronomic data. Our infrastructure generates data models used for analytics, APIs, and data service solutions.

Research Management Platform

Digitizing and standardizing agronomic research and field trials including planning, governance, data collection, preservation, traceability, analysis, and more by using the powerful RMP (Research Management Platform) tool.

Data Insights and Predictive Models

Leveraging Axiom with deep agronomical knowledge and advanced data science by using the most relevant statistical models to turn high-quality, credible data into actionable agricultural predictive models.

Crop Nutrition Digital Platform

Leveraging Axiom’s core technology and data insights in order to lead the crop nutrition revolution with a digital support system that optimizes yields in a sustainable way and creates impact.


A platform with untapped high-quality standardized data which is uploaded by our partners and openly shared with Ag professionals worldwide to promote research with more accurate data.

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Let’s Take This Offline

Let’s Take This Offline

The key to building and implementing your offline support is choosing the correct use cases and understanding the technical challenges and solutions ahead of time.
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Partnering with us to empower Ag professionals with data-driven solutions


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