Digital Crop Advisor

Maximize crop nutrition management and sustainability efforts with our crop nutritional decision support system

Our cutting-edge digital solution for fertilizer planning blends AI, local environmental data, and expert insight to optimize crop nutrition strategies. Empowering agronomists, it ensures precise crop benefits and informed decisions, promoting sustainable agriculture through integrated nutrient management.

Business Impact

Enhance crop yields and sustainability through data-driven nutrition optimization

Collect and Manage Data

Achieve optimized performance by harnessing seamlessly collected ground-truth-data

Nutrition Insights

Enhance crop nutrition strategies with real-time data alerts, recommendations, and customizations.

Qualtify Impact

Connect nutrition plans to regenerative agriculture outcomes though integration to our Sustainability Center solution.

Digital Crop Advisor Platform Overview

Our Solution

Seek Inspiration and Expand Your Knowledge

Manage ground-truth-data and optimize
crop nutrition

Sustainability Center

The Sustainability Center enables the monitoring and analysis of regenerative-agriculture practices and sustainable outcomes through deep agronomic measurement. Powered by Regen[IQ], our adaptable framework, Sustainability Center enables a consistent and localized approach to regenerative agriculture across crops and regions by measuring both efforts and outcomes.