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Crop digital nutrition launching in india

Our corporate digital platform has been successfully launched in the Indian market. It is a user-friendly platform that will help ICL agronomists and field agents to recommend, and optimize nutritional requirements for crops. The goal is to fulfill each field’s potential and reduce fertilizer waste. The platform will not only improve the engagement of the local ICL agronomists with their customers but will leverage the ICL brand as a tech leader among its competitors.

One of the digital platform’s biggest advantages is its ability to implement and to easily and rapidly outsource data. This is due to its agile database structure. The localization process includes agronomical and common practices. Our digital platform, and all consultations, use locally recognized units of measurement e.g. Kg/ac. We also support local languages such as Marathi.

 How we do It

The implementation process methodology is simple and straightforward, it includes the following steps:

1. It begins with an introductory meeting with the local management team and defines the scope of the work and the local point of contact for the localization process.

2. The localization kickoff involves collecting the required data on the most commonly grown crops in the particular market.

3. We quickly establish average yield ranges, growing practices, specific phenology, and the nutritional demands for each crop. We can then consider which fertilizer products to use, based on the local fertilizer catalog.

We have an ongoing emphasis on supporting local users and collecting feedback and additional requests.

Maharashtra training workshop

Our local training workshop provides full onboarding for 20 regional managers in Maharashtra, India. The program includes an introduction to the digital platform and a full demo. There is also a realistic simulation and a question and answer session.

Implementation during the COVID -19 pandemic was challenging as all contact was channeled via the web. Nevertheless, the training was conducted effectively. Our students learned to use the platform and gained the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve their farming goals.

The implementation in the Indian market was highly successful. It has proven to be a valuable tool to increase engagement with ICL customers in India and will provide the company with a competitive edge in the market.